The blessing of finding value or healing unexpectedly.

Enjoy rejuvenation in mind, body, and spirit with our intuitive massage and infrared heat therapy services. Whether you are looking for natural stress relief, support for chronic pain and stiffness, or greater mobility and athletic performance, massage therapy is a wonderful tool for you!

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe



Pre-booked- reoccurring monthly massage membership for 12 sessions. Pay at time of service. Massage individually tailored to your needs each session. (Ex: Book the 1st Monday of every month at 5 pm)


Reflexology is a technique that focuses on specific pressure points within your feet to help correct energy flows throughout your body, thereby stimulating the nervous system, boosting energy levels, reducing stress, pain, improving body’s circulation and improve overall healing in body.


AromaTouch®Technique enhances and stimulates the known body meridian and energy zones while balancing the body systems and functions. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade DoTerra Essential Oils are applied in after a Swedish massage.

Our Services

At Serendipity Healing Massage, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to massage therapy, and that you deserve a truly customized experience during your session. With a wide range of massage techniques and methods, we can easily provide the ideal blend based on your wellness goals. When you book your session, you can choose from any of our comprehensive massage therapy services.

Therapeutic MASSAGE

For overall well-being of mind and body, therapeutic massage can include several techniques and is great for general self-care.

Deep Tissue Massage

Targeting deep structures within the muscles and body tissues, this massage is ideal for boosting circulation as well as mental and emotional release.

Neuromuscular Massage

Retrain your body to move and perform well without pain with this trigger point-focused massage style.

Medical Message

For those with a recommendation from a healthcare provider, this therapy is a targeted way to support recovery and overall wellness.

Myofascial Massage

By working with the layers of fascia, myofascial massage can improve posture, mobility, and a sense of ease in the body over time.

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Passion Drives Profession

After many years of offering massage therapy in Fort Collins, I have witnessed the tremendous healing power of personalized bodywork and cannot wait to support you on your journey to wellness! Serendipity Healing Massage was born out of my dedication to this path of natural transformation.


April 6, 2023
10/10 Best massage ever. Most awesome massage therapist. Always finds the root. 100%
William Stevens
William Stevens
March 23, 2023
Totally professional and a great experience.
Jessi Moore
Jessi Moore
March 1, 2022
Overall my experience was everything I needed & wanted it to be. The space was clean, comfortable & peaceful. Betsy's energy immediately put me at ease & I felt she thoroughly listened to my needs. She was respectful of my time & very generous with the amount of care & energy that went into my integrated healing session. I left in less pain and feeling much, much lighter energetically. I would definitely recommend her services & will be back again myself!
Corina Herron
Corina Herron
February 12, 2022
Betsy is very knowledgeable about the human body and how to help it release pain. She is the most skilled massage therapist I have ever had work on me. I love all of the supplemental methodologies she employs during her services too. Like her essential oil symphony of cells therapy. Which has helped me so much with my inflammation. The Lumiceutical light therapy has been amazing in helping me with my mood and health. All of her treatments are performed on a massage table and a biomat. If you've never had the experience of lying on a biomat. Well let me tell you- it feels like lying on a warm peaceful hug that you never want to leave. Betsy tells me it improves circulation and speeds the healing of soft tissue while reducing inflammation by using the conductive properties of several amethyst crystal channels in the mat with the combination of far infrared rays, neutralize negative ions. That was a mouthful lol. My point is, Betsy is a very skilled, professional and compassionate healer. I strongly recommend her services.